On: 25th May 2016

Magento commerce is the leading provider of open Omni channel innovation. The open source cloud based digital commerce platform and Omni channel solutions empower merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences to create a more rounded emprise. Some of the world’s biggest brands; Nestle, Nike, Samsung and Fox are all Magento supporters. But why should we trust and use Magento?

Magento is an open source

You can install, alter or use Magento in any edition and in which ever manner you like. It’s possible to supercharge the Magento code and power up the e-commerce website with new features as well as functionality by installing Magento extensions. These extensions are then available through Magento connect marketplace.

Highly scalable

Magento is suitable for small e-commerce companies, serving just one town or a state, as well as MNCS (Multinational Corporations). This also allows growth for your business regardless of the kind of e-commerce features or enhancements that will be needed Magento literally never fails to surprise us.

SEO Friendly

Like WordPress, Magento is highly SEO friendly, as the content management system comes with preloaded SEO features such as search engine friendly URLS, sitemaps, layered navigation, URL rewires, meta tags and descriptions.

Support for mobile commerce

Both community and enterprise editions of Magento e-commerce CMS are now incorporating multiple HTML5 capabilities and ensuring provision of superior mobile shopping experiences. From image scaling and AV capabilities to gesture based controls, the possibilities are endless! Magento based stores can also have drag and drop features. Which is a highly beneficial function for mobile technology.


As well as being a popular e-commerce storefront, the platform is targeted by hackers and cyber criminals. Magento has a full time team of security professionals who will help you achieve PCI compliance. Ensuring that customers feel secure when making purchases, the Magento websites require anyone who enters the site has an SSL security IP.

Mobile and desktop friendly

It is extremely simple to put up a mobile e-commerce site on the Magento platform.  When it comes to rapid mobile development, a successful online store has to be mobile friendly enough to catch customer’s attention. There are thousands of professional responsive themes available for Magento, especially if you are looking for a custom solution. You can develop your own responsive theme and seamlessly implement it on to your site setup.

With Magento growing rapidly there are still number of versions to uncover so watch this space!